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          Hello!Welcome to the ZCX website


          Service Service

          THE SERVICE

          ZCX Service Principle

          • 1We insist on striving for customs\' satisfcation.

          • 2Stick to use high precise machine tool to produce every spare parts

          • 3Stick to every equipment needs to have the professional engineers to guide and inspect

          • 4Stick to have every machine has the experiential technicist to test and adjust,guarantee every machine is qualified before shipping

          • 5Stick to make sure every machine will have a technical support to clients\' factory to demo and train, make sure every problem can be solved timely.


          Service and Commitment

          • Strictly inspection before shipping,make sure the machine has passed the aging and testing process

          • Free Warranty as long as the machine in one-year warranty,damaged by inhuman force and majeure reasons

          • Send technical support to client\'s factory to install and adjust

          • Provide free training for the machine operation and usage attention

          • Offer free services for clients coming to the company to learn machine operation and maintenance

          • Porvide lifetime maintenance service for all equipment

          • Regularly orirregularly visit and track clients\' usage, build clients following-up records, make sure the usage and maintenance status are well documented.

          • Respond timely, phone call supports should be within 2 hours. If need visiting serivce, technical support should arrive ar the scene within 72 hours. For far distance should be according to the real.(24/7 free service hot-line: 400-163-360)

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