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          Hello!Welcome to the ZCX website


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          We invite you to join the spring exhibition of the

          Update time:2018-08-22 17:29:13 Edit:

          Zhong chuang xin is with you about the spring exhibition of the lantern fair in guzhen town, zhongshan city, 2017

          Exhibition date: 2017/03/28 to 2017/03/31

          Exhibition venue: zhongshan guzhen town meeting exhibition center

          Zhongchuang xin booth: a-m12


          Exhibition overview:

          On March 28, the spring exhibition of zhongshan ancient town lantern fair was officially opened.

          Lighting merchants and spectators from all over the world gathered in zhongshan.Zhongxingxin automatic chemical composition

          For China\'s automation industry leading enterprises, LED intelligent automation products to surprise

          At the same time, in the display of its own strength, with the domestic and foreign major lighting companies

          Experience and a light feast for all the industry friends visiting the exhibition.


          Zhongchuangxin exhibition equipment:

          Glue machine, screw machine, semi-automatic filling machine, automatic glue dispensing machine,

          Automatic filling machine, the lamp with silica gel extrusion line

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