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          Zhong chuang xin and you enter guangzhou international lighting exhibition grand

          Update time:2018-08-09 10:55:25 Edit:

                    In recent years, whether it is LED light source, the OLED technology, the emergence of new technologies and products such as smart home or e-commerce concept, "O2O marketing model", "Internet +" and so on the new channel mode gradually popularization, the new idea the industry innovation and development spirit, at the same time also promote the innovation industry.
          On June 9, 2017 in guangzhou international lighting fair in guangzhou China import and export commodities fair exhibition hall grand opening, the gen xin technology company also keep to automated future together with you.



          Known as the 21st century the most promising green lighting light source, LED lamp has been spreading worldwide, as a new generation of light source, LED because of its high brightness, low quantity of heat, the advantages of long life, non-toxic, can be recycled, has been widely used in the field of landscape lighting and general lighting.In the field of the core of the LED light-emitting circuit board in our country, however, there are a lot of innovation and technology in the LED industry in our country have been controlled by foreign companies, not all aspects of development, as the global LED the market demand, further more, the future development of LED industry in China faces huge challenges and opportunities.
          This exhibition will converge from all over the world in 23 countries and regions of 2399 exhibitors, common display of lighting equipment, application of lamps and lanterns, base material, light and covers the entire LED industry chain of products and technology solutions.


          Shenzhen zhongchuangxin technology co., LTD. Is an automatic enterprise integrating the r&d, production, sales and after-sales technical service of automatic fluid control equipment.Now have a first-class production processes and autonomous core technology, in LED lighting, electronics, communications, automotive electronics, handicrafts, made great contribution for clients to realize the flow control scheme of the high precision, high efficiency, greatly improving the production efficiency and automation level. 

          In this exhibition, zhong chuang xin is equipped with fully automatic filling machine, glue dispenser, circular point glue machine, double Y axis point glue machine, hot-melt glue dispenser, LED soft lamp, silicon rubber extrusion line, etc.On the first day of development, the booth number (F16) was busy, and foreign friends from different countries came to know more than expected! 


          This is our business vice President for foreign friends to introduce our LED soft light with extrusion production lines, the product is a one-time extrusion can amount to thousands of meters, extrusion product size more standard, more efficient, completely solve the problem of customer LED to the extrusion production efficiency. 


          Zhongchuang xinxin brings the automatic filling machine, demonstrates the real production process, helps the factory equipment upgrade, and promotes the transformation of traditional electronic manufacturing enterprises to smart factories.The overall solution of zhongchuangxin point glue technology can realize the problem of waste of artificial glue, and greatly reduce the labor cost to improve the efficiency, so that the production process reaches "zero defect"!So cool ~ 


          Finally, the chong xin technology co., said: "the gen xin has been working to promote LED equipment in the field of innovation, and enrich our extensive product portfolio in the field of lighting and LED encapsulation, to support global and regional customers improve service of terminal market consumers.Our mission is not only to innovate excellence and share results, but also to make the best LED solutions.



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